October/November - Roy continued on his winning ways taking out more Best in Group awards, culminating in a Best Exhibit in Show under Toy Specialist Marie Patten and Reserve Best in Show under Jill Hocking. This gave him his Sjupreme Champion title. He finished the year with Best Exhibit in Show at the Papillon Specialty in Victoria under Mr Gabriel Valdez from Brazil.

 Best in Show Papillon Specialty - pictured with the judge, Mr Gabriel Valdez (Brazil) and breeder/owner Julie Dickinson Franks


What a wonderful dog to have to show and how priviledged was I to be on the end of his lead! He has now returned to Julie Dickinson Franks his breeder/owner, where he is continuing his winning ways. My sincere thanks to Julie for sending him south for a holiday.

 Reserve BIS under JillHocking. Now a Supreme Champion. 


September 11 - Maryborough and Dist. KC - Roy once again excelled himself by winning Best Exhibit in the Toy Group under Mr Graeme Missen and Jack not only won Best Baby of Breed but was placed 2nd in a large Baby Puppy Sweepsstakes under Elizabeth Harding. Thank you to the jusdges who awarded our dogs so highly.

Ch Treschic Casino Royale

 Wongan Wild Colonial Boy


September 10 - Belgrave and Dist Kennel Club - Roy won a lovely Best of Breed and then went on to win Best Exhibit in the Toy Group under Mr Ern Boxhall. Jack won Best Baby of Breed. It was too windy for pics.

August 13/14 - At both of the prestigious Lillydale championship shows, Roy won Best of Breed in top company winning 14 points and 23 points respectively and was shortlisted for the group on the second day.  Jack also had two fun days wining Baby of Breed on both occasions. Pictured below watching the passing parade. 

August 7 - Roy won a lovely Runner Up in Group today at Werribbee Barwon under Silky Breeder, Ms Tanya Scales from Sydney.

July 31 - Jack ventured out to his first show today at Heidelberg and Dist KC and was rewarded with Best Baby Puppy in Group. He was so confident and had so much fun!


July - Jack just loves his tunnel.

July - In NSW, Lee-Ann and Rob Corbett had a fantastic Best Exhibit in Group win with Ch Wongan Rocket Man.

July 2,9 and 17 - Roy was in the winners' circle winning two Runners-Up in Group and one Best Exhibit in Group. This was at the presitigious Junior Kennel Club under Toy Specialist, Dr Kate Sunn. 



July - Here are Cracker's puppies at 10 weeks. Wongan Wild Colonial Boy and Wongan Captain Moonlite - Jack and Andy. 

June- July - Oh my goodness! Where have all those weeks gone and what fun we've been having! Ch Treschic Casino Royale has picked up 4 x Best Exhibit in the Toy Group as well as two Runner's Up. He is unbeaten in the breed since the Papillon Show where he was Runner up in Show. 

May 23 -  Roy and I travelled to Euroa for a championship Show and what a fun day we had. He met lots of new friends and then won Best Exhibit in the Toy Group! Can't wait for our next outing together.


May 15 - We have a house guest at "Wongan" in Julie Dickinson-Franks' Ch Treschic Casino Royale and today at the Victorian Papillon Club's 50th Anniversary Show, he won the DCC and Runner Up to Best In Show. Such a super little showman with a beautiful temperament to boot. He will stay with us for a while to experience the Victorian country air!

April 30 - Ch Wongan Fire Cracker whelped two male puppies to Ch Wongan Stand And Deliver. Very exciting!

Feb, March, April - No Shows due to judging commitments. 

Feb. - Loving this puppy, Basilika Stand Aside Boys -  sired by Ch Wongan Stand And Deliver ex Ch Basilika Tommy Girl, he is bred by Chris and Lydia John and we are very excitied about him as well as his litter brother Basilika All Guns Blazing. He is pictured on his way to winning Best Baby in Show.

Jan 17 - I judged English Springer Spaniels at Manchester and found my BOB in a young dog, Mompesson Winchester.

Jan 15 - I judged Papillons at Manchester Championship Show in the UK and this dog, UK Ch Gleniren Shootin Starmaker Sunshoo was my BOB. He later went on to win the Toy Group under Mr Carl Sparrow.

Due to the excessive heat, we attended no shows over the Summer months except for Alfie being shown by Chris John for two BOB's at the Cranbourne/Australia Day shows and BOB along with an Intermediate in Group at Bass Valley. All this took place while I was judging in the UK. Pictured above are my BOB Papillon and English Springer Spaniel.

Nov 8 - Very excited to hear from Rob and Lee-Ann Corbett that Crakka's brother has also attained his championship title and will now be known as Ch Wongan Rocket Man. Huge congratulations from David and me. He is our 116th Wongan homebred Champion.



Oct - 31 Papillon Club of Victoria Championship Show. In an entry of 78 under Papillon Breeder/Judge, Mrs Jan Paulke (USA) Crakka won the BCC and Runner-Up to Best in Show as well as Best Puppy in Show! What a thrilling way to finish her title! She can now be known as an Australian Champion. She is our 115th Wongan homebred champion. 

Photo courtesy of Dean Quinliven


Oct - 25 - At Southern Cross KC Crakka won Best Puppy in Group. This brings her tally to 18 In Group awards and 4 In Show awards. So hard for the quality Toy dogs to be recognised! 

Oct. 11 - Bacchus Marsh Ch Show - A Papillon Point Score show where Alfie won a lovely 16 pt BOB from Junior and Crakka won a 12pt BCC and RUBOB from the Puppy Class. No group awards but a lovely Best of Breed Sash donated by Rosie Hawkins. 

Sept 27 - Mr Wayne Burton officitated at Kyneton and gave both Alfie and Crakka the RCC with Alfie winning RUBOB and Crakka Best Puppy In Group. Here is a lovely pic of Doug striding out beautifully, even if he does look rather like a spider!

We did not exhibit at the Royal melbourne Show as I was stewarding

Sept. 5/6 - Two shows run by Yea and Districts KA with some lovely results. On the Saturday, Alfie won BOB and Best Junior in Group and Crakka won RCC. On Sunday under Ms H Jones from WA, Alfie won  BOB, Runner Up in Group and then Best Junior in Show under MrsN ZImmerle (Qld). Crakka won the BCC and RUBOB. 

Judging appointments have restricted the number of shows I have attended lately and there will be very few shows after the Cup Day weekend.

Aug 28,29,30 - A weekend away in East Gippsland amongst the mud and the slush! However, lots of fun! The first day Alfie picked up a BOB and Runner -Up and Best Junior in the Toy Group. Little Doug, seen below, won Best Baby Puppy in Group and Crakka won the BCC and RUBOB. The following two days saw Alfie win two RUBOB and one Junior in Group. It was far too miserable for any pics and it took two days to get the mud out of everything whe I returned home! Aah! The joys of showing dogs!!

Aug. 9/10 - This weekend saw two shows run by the Lillydale KC. On Friday. Mr V Kumpumaki from Finland judged and he awarded the DCC to Alfie. Both Crakka and Doug (Pinklee Camelots Dream) won their respecitve classes and Dougie went on to win Best Baby Puppy in Group. Here he is pictured after a very long day.

On Saturday, Alfie won RCC and RUBOB then went on to win Best Junior in Group. Crakka also won the RCC and she won Best Puppy in Group. A fantastic day for Wongan! The judge was Mrs C Becket from NT.



Aug. 2 - At Lyndhurst Canine Country Club today. Mr R Natividad from the Philippines also awarded Alfie the DCC and this time he managed RUBOB! Crakka delighted by taking yet another Best Minor Puppy in Group award. It was her last as next week, she moves up into the puppy class. Here is a pic of her win.

Aug. 1 - Melbourne Dog Club. Alfie won the DCC, but was beaten by both the girls for BOB and RUBOB. The fun part was Doug winning best Baby in Group and Crakka winning Best Minor in Group. She had also won RUBOB.

July 26 - Crakka stayed home again today while Alfie and Doug went out to play. Doug won a baby class of three while Alfie won a very competitive 17 pt BOB and then went on to win Best Junior in Group. His coat is just starting to come back after his 'junior drop' and I'm looking forward to the next six months when he should look quite spectacular.

July - We welcomed a new Rolo baby to our home - Pinklee Camelots Dream, aka Doug. He has settled in extremely well and has been  to two shows for two wins. He shows a lot of promise, so fingers crossed.

June 21 - Alfie won a very nice 11pt. DCC and RUBOB today at Cranbourne Dog Club followed by an even better 19 pt. BOB on July 11 at Junior Kennel Club. The kids had to miss a few whos because I had some lovely judging assignments in Japan and Brisbane (much warmer!) plus, Crakka came into seaon which meant she had to stay home. Here I am getting a Papillon fix at the show in Japan. A breeder very kindly brought two along to show me. 

June 18 - Just a couple of pics of the dogs lazing about. Firstly, UK/Aust/Ch Rozamie Moulin Rouge(Imp UK) - Rolo, with his favourite pet tiger and Ch Roseswain Mystic Starbrite Lite - Becky, with her baby, Razzle Dazzle by Alfie. 




June 14 - Western Suburbs show today saw Alfie win his first BEST EXHIBIT IN THE TOY GROUP!! What a thrill. Sadly no pics. Crakka also had a nice day winning the RCC and Best Minor Puppy in Group. Boy this girl is on a roll!

June 6 - The Victoria Toy Dog Show is always one of the favourites on the calendar and today was no exception. Alfie won the RCC and RUBOB and Crakka won the BCC in strong company and BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW. Here she is with her prize of lovely soft vet bed. Thanks to judge Mrs Wendy Baker from Sth Australia.

June 5 -  Today was the West Gippsland KC's double header at KCC Park. The judge was Mr Stanley Shen from Singapore and I was delighted he awarded the DCC and RUBOB to Alfie. Crakka won RCC and Best Minor Puppy in Group. She followed this up with anothe Minor in Group at the second show.

May 31 - What a fabulous week with lots of good news! Val and Erin called to say that Scandal had gained her **Australian Championship** and today under Dr T Udenberg, Alfie won a 17pt BOB to give him his **Australian Championship**. Two in one week - how exciting! These are champions 113 and 114 for Wongan.

Not to be outdone, Crakka won a lovely 12pt BCC and Best Minor Puppy in Group. 


May 22 - A lovely day of showing for "Wongan" Papillons. In Sth Australia, New Champion, Wongan Notes On A Scandal, shown by Val and Erin Carter, won BOB and Intermediate in Group. In NSW, Rob and Lee-Ann Corbett's Wongan Rocket man won another BOB and Minor in Group and here in Victoria, Wongan Fire Cracker won an  8 point BCC with her mate Wongan Stand And Deliver winning BOB and Best Junior in Group.  Very pleased with our youngsters.

May 10 - Euroa KC and Alfie's first day in Junior. I was delighted that Toy Specialist Mrs Jocelyn Croad, awarded him the CC and BOB giving him another 10 points towards his title. 

Crakka also had a very exciting day winning her first 8 points towards her title with the Bitch CC and RUBOB to Alfie. Not to be contecnt with that, she powered on to win BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW!

April 26 -  Alfie won another Best Puppy in the Toy group today - his last for this class as next week he turns 12 months and, as such, will go up into the Junior Class.

April 5/6 -  Two more Best Puppy In Show awards for Alfie this weekend at Town and Country and Easter Festival Club. This boy is on a roll. No more shows until the end of the month.

March 22 - At Pakenham  today, both the puppies did very well. Crakka won her class with competition and was Best Baby of Breed and Alfie won RCC, RUBOB and Puppy in Group. He then very cleverly went on to win Best Puppy in Show. Many thanks to the judges, Ms Lindsay Bolden (Toy Specialist) and Mrs Doreen Duffin (BIS). He now leads the Dogzonline Competition for Papillon Rising Star Australia wide. Very happy with my boy.

March 9 - At the Warragul Ch Sh, Alfie won RCC, but the star of the day was Crakka, who went all the way to Best Baby Puppy in Show under Prof Brian Corbett.


February 28 - Canberra Royal A lovely show catching up with friends. Alfie was shortlisted for Best Puppy in the Toy Group. Both Rocket and Crakka won their classes with Rocket winning Best Baby Puppy of breed. We said goodbye to him at this show as he headed off for new adventures with the Deferlee English Springer Spaniels of Robb and Lee-Ann Corbett, where since then, we are very excited to report, that he has accumulated four Best Baby Puppy in Group awards.


February 21 - At Sunshine KC under Mr Geoff Love(SA) Alfie collected another 21 pt BOB. Both the babies won their classes and Crakka won Best Baby Puppy in Group. Then, a very exciting moment when she won Best Baby in Show under Ms Deidre Crofts (NSW) in a quality line up of babies.


On the same day at the afternoon Twilight Show, Rocky emulated his sister's win, loving the spotlight. This time the wins were under Mr Rob Harbin (NSW) and Mr Lyn Butler (NSW)

 February 15 -  Alfie picked up a 16 pt BOB at Bendigo Ch Show and followed it up by winning Best Puppy in Show under Mr Chris Moore.


February 14 -  Introducing Wongan Fire Cracker or Crakka to her friends who won Best Baby Puppy in Group at her very first show. Born on Guy Fawkes Night, we are very pleased with how she and her brother Wongan Rocket Man are coping with the crowds and all the other dogs.


January 8/9/10 - Alfie continued to shine over these three days winning RCC and RUBOB and Best Minor Puppy in Group on the first day and followed this up with Best Minor Puppy in Group at each of the other shows. I can't believe what a difference the Chris Christensen products have made to his coat. 

Soda won Best Baby of Breed each day and also took out Best Baby in Group on the first day under Ms S Yu-Sang (Taiwan)


January 4 - Our first show for the year and Alfie won Best Minor Puppy in Group.



Not to be outdone - Alfie also picked up a 14 point Best Of Breed, two RCC a RUBOB and another Best Minor Puppy in  Show. No pic as it was too windy!

December 27,28,29 - Three fantastic days of showing at Lancefield where Wongan Soda Licious, had her very first shows. She loved the ring and delighted the judges with her breed type and conformation picking up two Best Baby Puppy In Show awards.


December 20 -  Soda at 12 weeks practising for her first shows at the end of the month.


December 15 -  Helene Bjorkman posted some exciting news that C.I.E. NORDUCH FIJV-08 WW-11 Barecho Quest For Success was Top Springer in Sweden for the fourth time and Top Springer Bitch for the sixth time! She is by Sth African Ch/Swed. Ch/ Aust Gr Ch Wongan High Flyer ex Ch Barecho One Vision. Congratulations!

December 14 - Today we took some pics of Becky and Jordan's puppies at 5+ weeks. They had a wonderful time in the garden, soaking up the sun.


December 7 - Today, Alfie had a fabulous day at Bass Valley Ch Sh. From an entry of 34 Papillons, he won the RCC and Minor in Group from 220 Toys. He then went on to win Best Minor Puppy in Show. Here he is looking very pleased with himself. No more shows now until the end of the month as I am judging.

December 6 - Great news from Valerie and Erin Carter in Adelaide, to say that Tom, Ch Wongan Wherethe Wildthing R won BOB and Best Intermediate in Show tonight while his kennel mate, Wongan Notes On A Scandal, won RCC and Best Junior in Group. Clever little Papillons!

November:  David and I are very excited to report that Christ Christensen Australia have honoured us with sponsorship of their products to ensure that our Wongan Papillons look the very best that they can in and out of the ring.


November 9 - Jacqui Cant sent through this amazing pic of Max, Ch Wongan Every Whichway Butloose, having an absolute ball at the beach. He runs with all her Shelties and Border Collies. Such a great little dog. Love him.


November 8 - Another exciting day for Alfie at the Papillon Club of Victoria's Ch Show. Under Mrs Mary White from Canada, not only did he win Best Minor Puppy in Show but also Best Puppy overall.


November 5 - We have Puppies! See the puppy page.

November 3 - What an Exciting way to finish off his Baby Puppy class - Alfie won BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW today at Victorian Womens' Ch Show with 1820 entries. Such a clever boy.



October 22 - Another BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW for Alfie. Just love this super puppy.


October 19 - Yippee!! Today Alfie excelled himself and won  BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW at Romsey KC. Here he is doing his happy dance.


October 13 - Thank you so much Jacqui Cant for this fun set of "Max" pics. It shows his personality perfectly.


October 11/12 - On both days, Alfie was Best Baby of Breed and on Sunday, from a quality line-up of Toy babies, he won BEST BABY PUPPY IN GROUP.  Here he is having some fun!


October 5 - Alfie finally hit the ring after damaging his tail on the eve of his first shows and had a lovely day at Seymour where he was Baby of Breed. We received these beautiful pics of Max - Ch Wongan Every Whichway Butloose from his co-owner Jacqui Cant showing what a fun dog he is to have around. He loves to play with her Shelties and fish for things in the river but he can also look gorgeous!


September    was an exciting month with the Royal Melbourne Show, where we didn't exhibit as I was stewarding and one bitch puppy whelped by Wongan Dangerous Liaison  to Claude, Alfie's sire. 

September 2  - Introducing Alfie - "Wongan Stand And Deliver" Alfie is by International Ch/AmericanGrCh/Puerto Rican Gr Ch/Ch/Pan American Ch/Multi Ch BelCanto The Highwayman Claude Duval (Imp USA) ex Ch Basilika Lady Portland and was born on May 7, 2014.


July/August - We have spent the most amazing 5+ weeks travelling to the US to visit our son, then to Spain and Portugal. We then headed up to Helsinki for the World Dog Show, took the fast train to St Petersburg, followed finally by a few days in Hong Kong before flying home. Quite exhausting but absolutely fabulous! We saw so many beautiful dogs, including Papillons. Here is a pic of the Aussies with the BOB winner at the World Dog Show.


June 14/15 - An exciting weekend for Becky as not only did she win Best Junior in Group both days, but on Sunday she won a 16 point BOB and gained her Australian Championship title. What a clever girl! :-)



June 7 - Toy Dog Club of Victoria's Championship Show. Max won a 20 point BOB over some lovely dogs, was shortlisted in the final eight and then went on to win Best Junior in Show! 

Laura won Puppy of Breed and Becky won the RCC (still needs those 6 points!) in strong competition.

Becky in the challenge line-up.

Best of Breed pic                                                                                                        Junior in Show Pic.

May 25 - Geelong and Dist Championship Show - Max had an amazing day at this show yesterday winning Best of Breed and Best in Group-2 or Runner Up in Group from 182 Toy entries. He then went on to win Best Junior in Show. Such a star! These pics were taken in the garden this morning.




May 17 - Papillon Club of Victoria's Championship Show. Wongan Dangerous Liaison - Laura - wins Best Puppy In Show!!

So proud of our baby girl. Here she is in the "off leash" area after the show and then with her friends.



May 9 - Whoo-hoo!! Max is very excited because he can now add Australian Champion in front of his name! 


April - Sydney Royal month and lots of other shows. Suffice to say, our youngsters did very well at all the shows. Wongan Every Whichway Butloose (Max) was BOB at the 4P's Toy Show in Sydney and won two very nice challenges in Melbourne  finishing with a BOB over Becky and Best Junior in Group! He is just 7 points shy of his title.


Here is a pic of Becky (Roseswain Mystic Starbrite Lite) and Max sitting on the trolley at the Sydney Royal.'s Becky moving out so nicely on her way to being shortlisted for Best Puppy in the Toy Group at Sydney Royal Show.

  March 23, 2014. My first day back handling after the back operation and a super day for Tom and Max. They both won BOB and Best Puppy in the Toy Group in their respective states. What clever boys! Laura ( Wongan Dangerous Liaison) also picked up a Bitch CC. Tom is the Current National Rising Star leader for the breed

   Tom in the Best Puppy in Show line-up.Max looking very pleased with himself after his win.


February in South Australia. Tom and Scandal continue to make an impact on the breed with Tom picking up several Best Puppy in Group awards including three on the weekend of the 22/23. As well this weekend, he won BEST EXHIBIT IN THE TOY GROUP!

  His half-sister, also by Rolo, came up trumps for the team, winning 3x Best Minor Puppy in the Toy Group. Thanks so much to Valerie and Erin (Azel Knls) for their superb presentation of these youngsters.


February 2014 - A difficult month for me due to back surgery, but an exciting month for the kids. Rolo, Max and Laura went to stay with friends and the two puppies were shown with Max winning a Dog CC at one show and Best Puppy in Group at another show Here he is pictured with his handler Carol Wright under Toy Specialist, Ms Felicity Prideaux.


Jan 31- 2014 - Last show for me prior to my back surgery. Max won RCC and Best Puppy in Group. Pictured here with judge, Mrs Cathy Scotton.


Jan - 2014 - No shows for me over the past few weeks due to the excessive heat, however, Valerie and Erin Carter have been flying high the "Wongan" flag with Wongan Wherethe Wildthings R winning a very nice BOB last weekend, plus BIG - 3rd and Best Puppy in Show! Thanks to the judges Mr Bill Mooney (Vic) and Ms Pauline Suhr (NSW)



Dec -14. At Castlemaine Ch Show, Becky had her first show and was delighted to bring home a RCC and Best Minor Puppy In Group. Here she is showing off her sash.

Here is a pic of Max taken at the same show where he won the DCC and RUBOB. 


Nov-16. Laura wins another Best Baby in Show under Esteemed All Breeds judge, Mr Maurice Le Cussen.  

Nov-15. We welcomed Roseswain Mystic Starbrite Lite to our family. Becky is bred by Janine Moy and she has settled in very well and loves nothing more than making herself at home on David's knee! Here she is exploring the garden.


Nov-3. We wish Valerie and Erin Carter every success with Wongan Notes On A Scandal and Wongan Wherethe Wildthings R as they commence their show careers in South Australia. Pictured here with Erin.


Nov-2 Papillon Club of Victoria's Ch Sh with 115 entries under Mrs Kittly Sjong (Inkies Papillons) from Denmark. Rolo's babies excelled themselves winning 2nd in Baby Dog, 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Minor Dog, 1st and 2nd in Baby Bitch and Best Baby Puppy in Show. Portia came out to play and won Best State Bred in Show.Ch Basilika Lady Portland - BEST STATE BRED IN SHOW

 Ch Basilika Lady Portland



  Wongan Dangerous Liaison - Laura winning BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW. - Judge Kitty Sjong.

 Wongan Every Whichway Butloose - Max - OPPOSITE MINOR IN SHOW

Oct-25 - Wongan Dangerous Liaison ( Laura) win BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW  at her very first show. Another little star in the making!

Oct-18. Tom does it again! At the Geelong Royal Show, Tom again won BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW. What a star! Rolo also won BIG-2. We had a lovely day!

Oct-13  Thanks to Sonya King for these lovely pic of Laura (Wongan Dangerous Liaison) and Reggie (Wongan Outrageous Fortune). These puppies were whelped on July 12 and are by Rolo ex Basilika Magic Poppy.


 Oct -6. Wongan Wherethe Wildthings R, aka Tom, made his debut in fine style today at Yarrawonga/Mulwala & Border C A winning BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW. Such a little showman -  he took the whole thing in his stride. Pics below of his win.


Sept 29 - A lovely day at Kyneton and Dist. KC where Rolo won BOB and Best Exhibit in the Toy Group and then went on to win Runner-Up to Best Exhibit in Show.Max also won Best Baby Puppy in Group at his final outing in this class. No pics because of the windy day.

Sept. 7 - A few weeks off until today when we had a lovely day under Mr Simon Mills (ACT) at Bulla. Rolo won BOB and Runner Up to Best Exhibit in the Toy Group and Max won Best Baby Puppy in Group. Here is a pic taken on the day. He hasn't quite got his act together yet when standing.

August 17/18 - A trip away to Horsham in the wind, rain, mud and slush proved to be lots of fun for Rolo and Max. Rolo won BOB and Runner Up to Best Exhibit in the Toy Group on the Saturday and Best Exhibit in the Toy Group on the Sunday when Max went all the way to Best Baby Puppy in Show. Judge - Mrs Lyndall Black. (Vic) Such a little superstar! No pics because of the weather.

August 12 - Exciting new litter of two bitches and one dog at "Wongan" by Rolo ex Basilika Magic Poppy. Pic taken today at 4+ weeks old.


August 2,3 & 4 at Wagga Wagga - the new kid on the block, "Wongan Every Whichway Butloose" aka Max, won three Best Baby Puppy Toy in Show and two, Best Baby Puppy All Breeds. He had such a lot of fun in the ring and we are looking forward to his bright future.


 May 12, 2013 - Thanks to Mrs Justine Blyth (Tas) for Rolo's BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP- 2 at the Euroa Ch. Sh.


 April 13, 2013  - Rolo wins BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW - 2 at Central Victoria's Championship Show. Judge Mrs Beryl Hession (NSW)

 April 7, 2013 - Rolo wins BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW at Canine Museum Ch Show under International All Breeds Judge, Mrs Sandra Mashford! What a thrill. Huge thanks to Ms Juliette Toh (Sing) for awarding him the Toy Group which sent him through to BIS. 

April 1, 2013 - Portia delivered her two male puppies sired by Rolo, all by herself while we were in Sydney! 

2013 - Sydney Royal Show - What a show! Rolo takes BOB under Mr Ramon Podesta(Chile) and then goes on to win 

 BEST EXHIBIT IN THE TOY GROUP-2! A day to remember!




Easter Sunday 2013 - Rolo wins RUNNER-UP TO BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW  at the Papillon Club of NSW. Judge Mrs K Eldred (NSW) 

 16th December, 2012 - Rolo wins Best Exhibit in the Toy Group under Mr Tony Kyman  at the Kilmore Ch. Show.

 November 25, 2012 - Rolo gains his Australian title at the Sovereign City KC and is now known as Eng. Ch/Aust Ch Rozamie Moulin Rouge (Imp UK)

 November 3, 2012 - Rolo wins BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW at the Papillon Club of Victoria's Championship Show. Judge Mrs Gloria Kerr (USA) 

 October 20, 2012 - Rolo wins Best Exhibit in the Toy Group at his first outing at Kyabram Ag. Soc. Championship Show under Mrs Jill Hocking.                                                                                                                                            

 October 6, 2012 - "Wongan" is very proud to announce the arrival from the UK's Top Papillon for 2011,  Eng. Ch Rozamie Moulin Rouge.Rolo is settling in and loves playing in the garden with his new friends Portia and Arthur the Cavalier. Our sincere thanks to his breeders Joe Magri and Kevin Arrowsmith for sending us such an outstanding young dog.











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